• Excavator
  • 10K reach forklift
  • 60M concrete boom truck

The dredge dewatering system of a major concrete and aggregate company in Scappoose, OR, had been in the same location for several years, but dredging activities had formed a peninsula around the system. As a result, the company needed to move their entire operation half a mile away to remain in close proximity to the activity, yet out of the projected dredge path. They had planned this relocation for October, during a scheduled plant shut-down, but they needed a massive concrete foundation installed before the main system parts could be moved.

Their search for a reliable millwright company that could handle the size and scope of the project began. After providing a drawing set to our Portland-based millwright team and receiving our quote, Omega Morgan was awarded the project. With two weeks to plan the installation and four weeks for completion, our industrial millwright services team got to work.


Planning began with an initial site survey, which provided a better understanding of the project’s size — 500-square-yards and the second-largest foundation our team has cast to date. The challenge that comes with a foundation of that size is scaling; the steps for installation remain the same as a smaller foundation, but successful completion must allow for additional time and crew members while breaking the tasks into manageable pieces.

Our millwright crew developed a strategic plan to include two concrete pours — one for the lower main pad and a second for the machine pedestals. The crew also pre-built wooden form panels during the planning process and purchased the necessary 30,000-pound rebar package. Executing the plan would involve limited equipment: an excavator for clearing and backfill, a 10,000-pound reach forklift to handle the material, and a 60M boom truck to place the concrete.


With four weeks to complete the installation and 300 cubic yards of concrete to place, our team of four millwright technicians assembled. Excavating the area and setting the crushed-rock backfill support for the vast foundation occupied the first five days. Next, Omega Morgan’s millwright team placed the wooden form panels into position and installed the majority of the 30,000 pounds of rebar within the framework over four days. When the time came to place the concrete, six additional millwright professionals joined the team. Together, they made quick work of pouring, spreading, and smoothing the main concrete pad in one day, prior to tackling the machine pedestals. Our crew then formed each of the machine pedestals on top of the main foundation before installing the rebar and completing the second pour within the remaining six days. Finally, we stripped off the forms to expose the finished product.

In October, with the new machinery foundation installed on schedule, Omega Morgan helped finish the plant machinery relocation. Our client appreciated the pace at which we completed the project, as well as our attention to detail throughout the process. This project is another example of our industrial millwright crew doing the impossible daily.